Mark Heaney

Choose Happiness !!!


Mark Heaney welcomes you to his personal page.....Choose Happiness.

Born in Lismore, NSW, Mark Heaney, after finishing High School at Coffs Harbour High, was educated at Newcastle University. He now spends his time in the Northern Rivers and Tweed area of NSW.

Overseas travel has been a highlight for Mark including visits to; USA, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Egypt, Thailand, Nepal and Vietnam.

Mark Heaney is guilty of a couple of expensive hobbies.....racehorse owning and overseas travel. His latest two year old, Berlutti has a page dedicated to it on this site.

Future travel hopefully includes; Peru, Botswana, Chile, Afghanistan, Greece, India and New Zealand.

Mark is pictured above in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam in 2013.